UNS Morokweng

The UNS Morokweng is a pentagonal battleplate commanded by Fleet Admiral Manyara Emm. During the Defection of Xinchub, the Morokweng captured both the Touch-and-Go and Breya Andreyasn's embassy ship, and planned to destroy both to erase any possibility of Xinchub's secret knowledge from being leaked. However, when it was clear that Xinchub had already made it to the Fleetmind, Admiral Emm settled for replacing the crews' memories of the whole episode. She even repaired their ships.

Since the new memories painted Emm as pure benefactor, the Toughs felt obligated to accept when she offered to hire them for the Mission to Credomar. They also hired on several new members from the Morokweng's civilian population, including Private Aardman and Ensign Ventura.

Schlock, alone among the Toughs, retained his original memories of the whole event, by hiding a meme-blob containing them inside his spare eye. He kept quiet about this until after the rescue of Captain Andreyasn, when he told the Toughs that the Fleetmind hadn't really betrayed them like the modified memories said he did.

The Morokweng later attempted to seize control of Oisri, using a combination of brute physical force and insidious sleeper agents. Although their assault resulted in the death of numerous gavclones and two members of Tagon's Toughs, the Battleplate was destroyed when Tagii lured a dark matter entity directly into the ship.

The destruction of the Morokweng resulted in the loss of tens of thousands of crewmen, although certain key personnel survived. They were later recovered by the UNS rescue cutter Fiscal Singularity, with the assistance of the UNS Vredefort.