The Touch-and-Go is a modified 450-meter Daehremmah destroyer, and the fourth ship owned by Tagon's Toughs. The ship was originally the Integrity, the flagship of Pranger's Bangers, but the ship crashed during the mission to Ystre, and with a little meddling from the Fleetmind the Toughs were granted salvage rights. The ship has something of a curse as regards to repairs, as detailed below.

The AI of the Touch-and-Go is TAG, although during the Credomar mission TAG went permanently offline and was eventually replaced with Tagii. The ship has participated in the destruction of HTRN, the episode with the giant squid, the smashing of Shufgar's pirate ring, the defection of King Xinchub, and the installation of King Lota of Credomar. It spent the Massively Parallel arc being repaired at High Olympus Shipyards, but was made spaceworthy in time for the rescue of General Karl Tagon and Captain Kevyn.

Known DamageEdit

  • The original crash, back when it was still the Integrity
  • Several Daysun-Tingo repairbots destroyed by loose swimming-pool water.
  • Two Daysun-Tingo repairbots destroyed by Kaff Tagon, in retaliation for accepting a bribe from Colonel Pranger to play a humiliating prank on him
  • Hit by a missile fired by Shufgar
  • Rammed by Breya Andreyasn's embassy ship and had bits torn off by the Battleplate Morokweng in rapid successsion
  • Holed by the detonation of a great deal of antimatter-doped boomex
  • Several Morokweng repairbots destroyed and interior damage incurred by detonation of a colony of boomex assemblers
  • Pinball-like series of crashes inside Credomar
  • TAG went permanently offline due to a combination of guilt and programming conflicts
  • Broke in half limping to High Olympus Shipyards
  • Insufficient money to restore to original specs--rebuilt to heavily modified design
  • Several High Olympus repairbots destroyed by loose pool water
  • Irreperable damage to superstructure, annie plants and armour plating, after ramming through the UNS Morokweng's outer hull while under heavy fire from point defences.

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