The Tausennigan Ob'enn Thunderhead-class Superfortresses are among the largest, most powerful and best-known warships in the galaxy. The militaristic psycho-bears built whole fleets of them, in accordance with their philosophy of galactic subjugation and eventual cleansing. Only seven exist outside Ob'enn space.

Stretching almost a kilometer from jibbenmast to gravystem, a Thunderhead can deploy up to sixteen Dragon-class warships. In addition, a Thunderhead has room for a crew of 200 and a drop-complement of about 10,000, as well as a huge fabber and immense carriage space. Although the exact weapons payload of each ship may vary, both terawatt masers and twin-octuple banks of railguns are common for the design. The ships are a match for entire UNS carrier groups, although not quite as mighty as the battleplates.

Petey the Fleetmind used the Thunderhead design as the basis for his Devastator- and Extortionator- classes, and in fact Petey himself was once the AI of the Post-Dated Check Loan.

Other Ob'enn craft include the thousand-kilometer-long homeworld-defense ship Cloak of Untrammeled Dignity, the tank and minitank designs used by Tagon's Toughs, and the troopship line from which the Serial Peacemaker was drawn.

Known ThunderheadsEdit


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