The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance is the Fifth book of Schlock Mercenary.



Part III: Handle With CareEdit

In this part, Corporal Tbeki and Private Iiki gave birth to Ice Kreely juveniles. After a discussion where Tagon didn't want children on his vessel, Brad was able to obtain a contract concerning the Ice Kreelies, where they are being sold as pets in the store Kitten K'Poodle. They proceed to the supplier on Blintjun-Lapi, trail follows to an ice planet where the mercenary company raids the slave trader outpost with minimal difficulty. After meeting with the employer, they learn that the contract was to remove competition for slave kreelies and to come out ahead after mindrupping the owners to obtain the accounts. This plan was only disrupted when Legs drained the slaver's accounts.

Meanwhile, the fabber is undergoing repairs, generally resulting in weaponized toasters on the small scale. It's tuning is off, resulting in Athens receiving a cluser of small annie plants rather than a large primary plant. The Fabber is named Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance.[1] While the scrapyard is hidden in a no-teraport zone, the Ob'enn were able to deduce its location when one of the probes detected the field in question,



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