The Partnership Collective is the galaxy's largest law firm, consisting of a single huge hivemind. The Collective is represented by its army of snakelike "attorney drones", which it clones by the millions. The hivemind's personality is a stereotypical slimy lawyer writ large, with attorney drones at one point seen gleefully celebrating a bus crash as an opportunity for litigation.

The Partnership Collective was used as a catspaw by the F'sherl-Ganni to attack Tagon's Toughs, in hopes of eliminating them before they could release the teraport. They made several attacks on the Toughs, including calling KFDA commandos on them[1], launching a kinetic missile attack, and attempting to assimilate Massey Reynstein, a public defender representing one of the Toughs. Their final try was planting obscenely overpowered bombs on the Toughs' ship, powerful enough to have caused worldwide damage on Luna had they gone off as planned. (One wonders where they even found bombs that big, let alone why they thought it wise to use them.)

After the bombing attempt, the Luna government sentenced the Collective to the destruction of one million of its expensive attorney drones. Reynstein, now working for Tagon's Toughs, convinced the court to make the Toughs the agents of this penalty, giving them near-perpetual license to kill Collective drones on sight and get paid for it. As a result, the Collective began avoiding the Toughs like the plague, and since the Collective is nearly ubiquitous, legal opponents of the Toughs tended to find themselves suddenly lawyerless.

After many years of fun and profit, the Toughs' contract on attorney drones was eventually traded away to Sanctum Adroit.

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