Through the Roof is part of Book 2: The Teraport Wars, spanning strips from 2002-02-10 through 2002-04-14.

The start of this segment begins with the Toughs preparing to arm a company of amorphs. After basic training, they perform the plan of performing what is expected to be a milk run, to retrieve the eye plants and evacuate. Commander Gamm likewise expects this tactic, but makes the mistake of assuming that the ship AI is inoperable.

When the Toughs enter the eye plant storage facility, the pirates spring the two-prong trap, using a chemical weapon inside the dome to disable the amorphs, and beginning assault on the Post-Dated Check Loan in orbit. Schlock failed to make an opening, with his plasma cannon being damaged in the crossfire training, with Hob planning an exit strategy only to be stopped by newly deployed armor. The amorphs were then subject to memetoxins, disabling them.

The escape required tactical expertise on both sides. Petey used the first deployment of Terapedos to destroy key armada ships, while Elf destroyed a refinery on ground level to cause confusion on which targets are more important. Hob uses a last resort primer to blase open the refinery, and Petey reaches the destination.

After treating the amorphs, Chuck was consumed, along with information on how he was helping Emily, where she was training the amorphs to sell into slavery. She is preseumed to have been executed by the amorphs after she recovered from the events.

Massey being with a powerplay in the political arena on Ghanj-Rho. He introduces precents of tenancy, where duration of stay determines whom will be the senior Councillor. While some amorphs believe this puts them in power, Rod arrives and claims that he was present for six orders of magnitude.

Afterwards, the Tagons do an assessment of the operation, determining that company losses were within operational parameters. They look into sensor upgrades for Petey, fabricating heavy tanks and equipment, and recruiting those from the planet. To handle additional personnel, Elf, Shodan, [[[Der Trihs]] and Bradley are promoted to Lieutenants.


  • At the end of this part, the rank and file of the main cast was listed. Although since removed, it may still be found on

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