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Lieutenant Para Ventura is a civilian contractor who transferred to the Toughs from the Battleplate Morokweng. She is a brilliant roboticist, even more skilled than Kevyn, and her urge to tinker is such that robots are terrified of her very presence — in fact, her effect on a laggardly repairbot is what got her hired. She can be petulant at times, and hates not being taken seriously, but by default is quite pleasant. She has a green belt in shotokan karate. Despite her appearance, she is in fact 19 years old.

Her work includes creating Lota from scratch, repairing TAG after the UNS messed with him, growing Tagii after TAG went offline, and adding Tailor's surgery programming.

During the Toughs' mission to Oisri, Ventura was revealed to be a spy working for the UNS Internal Affairs Intelligence Corps. She was immediately relieved of duty, and Tagii was taken offline. It was revealed a bit later that she had been covertly implanted with a remote "kill switch" which she only discovered after her employers attempted to remotely execute her with it, fortunately after the Fleetmind removed the device.

She later helped the Toughs get the contract and a ship for the Eina-Afa mission (arguably keeping the company from dissolving), and during the mission helped save the Toughs from a hostile AI. For this she was reinstated, although her rank was reduced from Lieutenant to Corporal.


To date, there is no mention of her relationship to the Henke-Ventura Scale for grading artificial intelligences.


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