Paid Five Times was a operation planned by Petey as his first act as an officer, and in terms of money for effort was likely Tagon's Toughs' most profitable operation ever.

On a shopping trip to planet Chuba, Ch'vorthq and Schlock's squad encountered a street gang known as the Bugs, who succeeded in filching Ch'vorthq's wallet with 2,100 credits of company money in it. Petey decided that the best solution was to make the group offer their services to earn the money back. The Bugs agreed to return the money in exchange for smashing a rival gang, the Nags.

When they arrived at the scene of the fight, they found that the Nags also had mercenaries. After a heavy exchange of goober, both gangs were incapacitated. The Nags' mercenary help was...another squad of the Toughs, meaning that the gangs had both paid the Toughs to take out the whole crowd. Not only that, but the local police and and a coalition of neighborhood interests had each paid the Toughs to take the gangs off the streets and send them to a juvenile rehab camp. The camp fees were paid by liquidating the assorted contents of the gangs' hideouts, with the surplus also ending up in the Toughs' pockets.

It may not be entirely fair to say that the Toughs were paid five times, since the Bugs' payment was stolen from the Toughs in the first place. Even so, it was a very profitable and highly enjoyable day.

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