Massey Reynstein is a human lawyer and mercenary, as well as a veteran of Tagon's Toughs.

Massey originally worked in Nectaris City on Luna as a public defender, until the fateful day that he was sent to represent a member of Tagon's Toughs and ran afoul of the Partnership Collective. Soon afterward, the Collective made an attempt to convert him into a human attorney drone, and he only survived thanks to the intervention of two Toughs.

Knowing that the Collective would continue to make attempts on his life, Massey accepted Kaff Tagon's invitation to join Tagon's Toughs as the company's official legal representative - and as his first official act as their lawyer, he negotiated a permanent bounty on Attorney Drones that the Toughs enjoyed for years afterwards.

Massey has worked with the Toughs ever since, often providing legal advice and performing pre-emptive damage control when that advice is inevitably ignored. He is aided in this but the fact that despite the Collective's failure to assimilate him, they did succeed in granting him mental access to their law library. In time, Massey even achieved the rank of Lieutenant, although he has generally expressed a certain level of discomfort when saddled with making command decisions.

While creating the constitution to the Oafan space station city, Massey has resigned his position as legal council for the toughs, hiring Ennesby in his place. He was selected as the Chief Justice.