20px-Cquote1.png Earth's only natural satellite, referred to as 'The Moon' until 2127 when the "People for Differentiating Between our Planet and a Bare Butt" managed to make the term unpopular with their "Don't Be Mean" campaign.

It's a green place, with an atmosphere several times deeper than Earth's. It's also got the longest standing government of any human world. It's arguably the tallest standing government, too, thanks to Luna's record-setting open-air skyscrapers.[1]


Following an extensive terraforming campaign, Luna is a lush, green world that rivals any other habitable planet in the Sol System in terms of raw beauty. The pastoral landscape coupled with the low gravity make it a particularly popular tourist spot, which in turn draws numerous entertainment-based businesses that further bolster the tourism industry.

Unfortunately, Luna is not without its problems. Over time, the Lunar bureaucracy has evolved into a nearly unnavigable maze of red tape and paperwork that prevents the average person from accomplishing any task that requires government authorization. At times, the problem has been known to grow so large that the Lunar government has even hired mercenaries to cope with the crowds of frustrated citizens it tends to create.

Although this issue was solved for a time by the appearance of a so-called ghost in the machine, this so called "ghost" has since vanished. With its disappearance, its only a matter of time before the red tape reasserts itself in full force.

Notable LandmarksEdit

  • Nectaris City


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