Kelrik Station is a commerce-based space station located in the Kelrik System.

Originally known as Kelrik Hub, the station was designed to both accommodate and to take advantage of the heavy traffic passing through the Sag-Orion Wormgate. As such, the station was once filled with numerous high-end business venues. It also served as the base of operations for the KFDA Foodservice Commandos.

Tagon's Toughs once spent a particularly eventful day on Kelrik Station, beginning with a violent shootout during dinner and ending in an equally violent confrontation with the KFDA. The latter confrontation was ultimately revealed to be the result of a plot enacted by vengeful agents of the Partnership Collective.

Following the events of the Teraport Wars, the Sag-Orion Wormgate was shut down. As traffic through the Kelrik System began to dwindle, people began to likewise abandon Kelrik Hub. Eventually the station was renamed to Kelrik Station, and only the most desperate entrepreneurs remained.


  • The airlock hatches on Kelrik Station are defended with Auto-Maim Hatch Defense Systems.

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