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Captain Kaff Tagon is the leader of the mercenaries and namesake of the company ("Tagon's Toughs"). When Breya was around, he displayed a tendency to put his foot in his mouth a lot regarding sexism in the workplace, but it was just inexperience at tact and political correctness, and not a character flaw. He is, however, a mercenary at heart, and enjoys extracting all possible money from a job i.e. getting paid several times by different clients to do the job. Tagon is a good leader and a skilled tactician, but his vocabulary is too small for the word "melange."[1] He frequently quotes from The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries.

He is often regarded as dumb as his troops by the scientists and even from the troops themselves, with examples such as Ennesby advising Kevyn to keep his words to two syllables for Tagon's comprehension [2], and himself being unable to catch most Kevyn's technobabble. However, he has proven to be quick-witted (if not especially subtle) about tactics and strategy, and has a keen eye for getting clients (and opponents) to pay through the nose for his services.

Tagon was killed in action in the Averted Future, willing the command of the company to a shocked Kevyn Andreyasn. In the real timeline, Tagon's life was spared through the actions of a time-traveling Captain Andreyasn and his past counterpart during the Pa'anuri Wars, who managed to pay off the mercenaries who would have otherwise killed him, although at a price of over one hundred million kilocreds, such a blow that he probably would have preferred to die.

Tagon's skill with a Gauss/Gunfoam Pistol is such that on the firing range, he can actually draw pictures on a book-sized target. He also carries epaulet-grenades and a Dorothy System, and his soldier-boosts and powered uniform make him a weapon in his own right.

Captain Tagon is a native of Celeschul.


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