The KFDA was a somewhat overzealous enforcement agency based out of Kelrik Hub in the Kelrik System. Highly trained and heavily equipped, they possessed the ability to condemn entire ships and even employ deadly force against any organization that didn't follow proper safety guidelines when preparing food.

The KFDA was unwittingly duped into a conflict with Tagon's Toughs when they were erroneously informed that the Kitesfear was not only a restaurant, but a restaurant in which the head chef routinely handled food with his bare hands. They swiftly seized control of the ship, arrested the chef, and employed lethal automated weaponry at the docking clamp to prevent anyone from re-boarding.

Despite their best efforts, however, they were unable to prevent Tagon's Toughs from infiltrating the condemned ship. A series of firefights broke out throughout the Kitesfear, only concluding when the duplicity of the Partnership Collective was revealed. Sadly, the plot still indirectly resulted in the death of Doctor Todd Lazcowicz.

Following the events of the Teraport Wars, starship traffic through the Kelrik System was drastically reduced. By this point the KDFA Foodservice Commandos appeared to have abandoned Kelrik Station, although it is possible that they remained active in other parts of the galaxy.

Known MembersEdit


  • Although KFDA appears to be an acronym, its meaning is never actually explained.

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