GG Hybrid Pistols
20px-Cquote1.png The Strohl Munitions Line of Gauss/Gunfoam (G/G) Hybrid Pistols are dual-function handguns, firing varying speeds of flechettes or Mach-2 multi-function warheads (depending on model. Not all features available in all pistols. Use only as directed).

They're also next to useless against a well-armored opponent.<[1]>


Marketed almost exclusively by Strohl Munitions, the G/G Hybrid Pistol is a tried and true design respected by mercenaries and military alike. In pure "gausspistol" mode the weapon is fairly silent, propelling iron-core flechettes at just under the speed of sound. Silent is good, and flechettes are excellent anti-personnel rounds.

Against armored or entrenched targets, however, the wielder is going to want something that packs more punch than a flechette. In gunfoam mode the weapon can launch longer, explosive rounds without risking the mag-pulse of gauss mode fouling the detonation circuitry. [2]

Known DesignsEdit

  • Strohl Munitions Duoform GG11 - Possesses a semi-ferrous polyform, carbonan barrel that is perfect for concealed-carry. [3]
  • Strohl Munitions GG130 - A standard police-issued sidearm. [4]
  • Strohl Munitions GG1611x [5]
  • Strohl Munitions GG723i [6]


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