The Fobottr are a species of four-armed humanoids. They possess an elongated torso to accommodate their additional limbs, and are well-known for their feats of manual dexterity. Fobottr are superficially similar in form to humans, making it a simple matter to modify human equipment for their use.

Although a Fobottr wielding four weapons simultaneously is an intimidating sight, they possess binocular vision just like most other sapient species, which prevents them from actually aiming at more than a single target at once.

A distinctive element of most Fobottr is their "crest", which visually resembles a green mohawk. This is actually a symbiotic colony which provides blood filtration, cooling, and trace neurochemicals in exchange for the protection that its host (the Fobottr) provides. The loss of this crest can lead to drastically heightened anxieties in the former host, until a new crest has been "seeded" into their scalp.

Andy Thnempha of Tagon's Toughs is a Fobottr.

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