The Emergency Medical Hologram, or EMH, was ostensibly a simple virtual physician designed to assist first-time users in the usage of a cryostasis kit. In truth, however, the EMH was actually a personality matrix with access to all of the memories and illegal research of Doctor Todd "Lazarus" Lazcowicz.

Effectively a self-aware Artificial Intelligence, the EMH allowed the cryokit it was installed within to perform seemingly miraculous feats of medicine up to and including resurrection of the recently deceased. In addition, the archives of extensive illegal medical research allowed the EMH to augment or boost patients with greatly enhanced abilities.

Following the death of its creator, the EMH often assisted Doctor Edward "Bunni" Bunnigus in keeping Tagon's Toughs alive. It also provided illegal soldier boosts to many (but not all) of the mercenaries in the company.

When given the opportunity to operate on the bounty hunter Doyt Haban, the EMH actively recognized him as an enemy of the late Lazcowicz. Although the EMH still agreed to save Doyt's life, it couldn't resist playing a rather nasty trick on him, but in turn compensated him with numerous biological weapons as an "incentive" to keep quiet about the nature of the cryokit.

Word eventually reached the UNS about both the cryokit and the radical genetic alterations that it was capable of. Faced with little alternative, Kaff Tagon made the conscious decision to turn over the "magic" cryokit (and the EMH with it). It has since remained in UNS custody.


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