Drake Pranger

Drake Pranger is a Daehren mercenary and leader of the mercenary company known as Pranger's Bangers. He is considered to be the most famous mercenary in the known universe.

Pranger was once a career-soldier in the Daehren military on his home world of Daehr. He spent years working through the ranks from infantry to artillery, and then to heavy armor command, eventually achieving the title of Colonel. Unfortunately, at the age of 90 he was left unemployed when a pacifist movement led to severe military cutbacks.

Ever the opportunist, Pranger called a few friends, took out a loan, and purchased all the military surplus equipment he could get his hands on. He used this equipment to build up his own mercenary company and set off to make a very impressive name for himself.

Ironically, within fifteen years he was once more called back to Daehr, where he and his company were hired to put down a provincial rebellion. He gladly accepted the job and handily put down the rebellion, but in doing so he also staged a bloodless coup that left control of the Daehren government in more sensible (by his definition) hands.

When the government offered him his old job back, Colonel Pranger politely refused, waiting until nobody was watching to use rude gestures. He then left Daehre for good, and continued to operate as a mercenary for several decades.

In the Averted Future Pranger was successfully recruited by Tem Phica, a Ystreben representative of House Phica and sympathizer of the Tausennigan Ob'Enn Empire. Unfortunately, he was caught unawares in a botched attempt by Tagon's Toughs to kidnap his employer. Mortally wounded by Sergeant Schlock, he used his dying breath to return fire with a Variable Plasma Grenade.