The cryostasis kit, more commonly referred to as a cryokit, is a medical device designed to induce a state of cryopreservation in a living creature for the purposes of short-term storage. When properly employed, a cryostasis kit can mean the difference between life and death, as it can effectively stave off brain death by physically freezing a target while they are still in a condition that is salvageable by 31st-century medical technology.

The average cryokit is roughly the size of a conventional coffin, to accommodate one human body, although in extreme cases it can also be used to preserve several smaller pieces of organic tissue (such as severed limbs or appendages). Although less common, cryokits are also available in significantly larger or smaller sizes for use with non-human species.

One particularly notorious cryokit is the so-called "magic" cryokit created by the late Doctor Todd "Lazarus" Lazcowicz. Whereas a normal cryokit simply preserves injured patients or organic samples until they can receive proper medical treatment, this particular cryokit was illegally modified to provide direct medical support. To this end, it could perform elaborate feats of nano-surgery, genetically augment or boost patients with illegal modifications, and even effectively resurrect the recently deceased.

Cryokits are only seen in the early parts of the strip, being supplanted later by the far more portable Nanite-based 'nanny-bags'

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