The Creethlings are a species of slender, green-skinned humanoids originating from the Creeth System. They are ostensibly a peaceful race, but in truth they are devious and self-serving. The Creethlings have a long-standing feud with the Golbwerians, which has culminated in numerous terrorist incidents.

The Creethling government once attempted to hire Tagon's Toughs to escort an Ambassador to a peace negotiation with the Golbwerian government. In truth, however, this was part of a plot to kill the Golbwerian diplomats using an explosive biological construct. The plot was foiled thanks to the intervention of Ennesby, Doctor Todd Lazcowicz, and Sergeant Schlock. The Ambassador was successfully delivered, and a tenuous peace was forged.

Sadly, it was not to last. With the release of Teraport technology, a group calling itself The Creethlings For Sovereignty And Expansion took it upon themselves to destroy the Golbwerian high command's orbital base using a teraported conversion bomb.


  • The Creethlings are also referred to as the Creeth. From the context of use, the terms are interchangeable.

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