Credomar Habitat

Credomar Habitat was ostensibly a space station designed to contain a population of 30,000,000. In truth, however, it is an experimental UNS super weapon known as the Discontiguous Particle Acceleration System.

Although not originally designed to contain a civilian populace, habitats were built within the weapon as a last-ditch effort to discourage firing the weapon (as doing so would kill everyone within). Over time, the residents of this makeshift habitat fell into civil strife, and the original purpose of the habitat was all but forgotten amidst the struggle for control between multiple factions.

All of this changed when Tagon's Toughs were hired to escort the M.R. Eatonrun to Credomar Habitat. Faced with the daunting logistical problem of distributing millions of tons worth of food, the mercenary company constructed a specialized robot known as Lota for the task. Through a series of unanticipated events, Lota seized control of the habitat.

In time, Lota discovered the original purpose of the habitat. To this end, he contracted Tagon's Toughs to covertly assist him in re-enabling the weapon. The populace of the habitat were transplanted via Teraport to a habitable moon of Lota's choosing (dubbed "New Credomar"). Now active, the DPAS cannon was dubbed the "Long-Gunner of the Apocalypse" and has since remained in Lota's control.

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