Breath Weapon (TT08-11) is a mercenary flagship for the Tagon Toughs, first introduced in Book 14: Broken Wind under the name Broken Wind (TT-08).

The AI was originally had the same name as the space station it ran, but experienced an extended period of time being unmaintained.

In the events of Book 14, the AI reformed itself as Iafa (meaning little wind)[1], and assigned the existing name to the warship. Eina-Afa was then controlled by TAG II, which now adopted the name Chinook.


In Oafan tongue, the name comes from T'kkkuts Afa.

Afa has plenty of meanings in the Oafan language, but the original meaning is "wind". It is considered a mystical force in Oafan mythology, synonymous with "unmoved mover" and "god".

T'kkkuts is a string of sounds that is painful for Oafans to voice, and is considered an obscenity. The tone evokes anger, with the word generally specifying injury, damage, and violation of self.

While "Angry God" is an acceptable interpretation, "Broken Wind" was taken as a closer translation.[2]

When the librarian learned the name of the ship, it was discovered to be a breach of cross cultural etiquette. "Afa" was considered too simple of a translation, and "T'kkkuts" implied more violence than 'broken'. With this, the ship was renamed to "Breath Weapon". [3]


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