The Blackness Between is the fourth book of Schlock Mercenary.


Part III: Trouble in the Outjack=Edit

  • Breya and Kevin meet each other once again, with Kevyn learning about marriage to Haban II.
  • Breya and Haban report that they captures a gatekeeper memory unit, leading to the Zoojack System.
  • Two provisioning scouts were lost, being completely destroyed. The means of destruction were not yet known.
  • Tagon's tanks were dispatched to dis in searching for the attack. Sergeant Flib Sh'vuu was killed by the unknown attacker. Elf and John Der Trihs survived when their tanks were blown up. The tanks perform an emergency ejection. Ennesby determines the attacker targets high-energy sources, and commands everyone to remove their body armor.
  • Kevin determines that it is likely a superweapon targeting energy sources.

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