Book 2: The Teraport Wars is the second released book of Schlock Mercenary.

The book is the largest released so far, with 228 pages spanning 493 strips.

Book contentsEdit

Quest for Second Sight which Schlock hires the company to help him steal a fresh set of eyes.

The Teraport Wars which we find that Admiral Breya Andreyasn has started a fight that the whole galaxy may need to help her finish.

  • Part I - Kickin' Buuthandi and Takin' Names
  • Part II - A Whole New Can o' Wormgates
  • Part III - F'Sherl-Ganni or Cut Bait
  • Part IV - Any Teraport in a Storm
  • Epilogue - Send in the Clones
Petey Promoted which everybody's favorite psychopathic, schizophrenic, cuddly, suicidally-inclined Artificial Intelligence is given a little bit of rope.

Post Post-Dated Check Loan

... well, that last bit could have worked out better. But things could be worse, right?

  • Part I - Raising Capital Offensive
  • Part II - Tandem Acts of Kindness
  • Part III - Handsome Ransom
  • Part IV - Tempestuous Fugitives
  • Part V - Might Makes Right-Of-Way

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