• Meet The Mercenaries
  • Diplomatic Pouch of Doom
  • Mini-Adventure Number One
  • Everybody's Gotta Eat
  • The Shopping Trip
  • Bureaucracy Bountiful
  • Bombs Ahoy
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Big Haunted Battleship
  • Interlude: Interrogation
  • Big Haunted Battleship
  • Battle for the Wormgate
  • Union Blues
  • Interrogation Interruption
  • Equivocated Prevarication
  • Magic Dream-Land
  • Schlocktoberfest 2001


Battle for the WormgateEdit

After the warship is repaired and rechristened, the grunts are ready for a new contract. The Nejjat wormgate was borderd and shut down, and the toughs take the contract to reclaim the gate. Although it's determined that there's no possible method to properly sneak up on the target, the new teraport drive gives a significant tactical advantage.

After disabling the terrorist vessels and teraporting into the command center, the toughs engage with a difficult firefight with the Nejjat terrorists. The tide of combat is turned when Torpth'g'd'p'tawn severs the command structure from the rest of the wormgate.

Although the terrorits were transferred to the F'sherl-Ganni for interrogation, they committed suicide, blowing their own brains out to prevent interrogation.

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