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Part IEdit

  • Kaff Tagon is revived after being killed in a Laz-5 situation.
  • Urtheep Industries, with the RDX Picket Jozagle's Purse, examines stellar object 4118-6. The freighter Tzundigo is assigned to transport the most important content
  • Broken Wind renamed to Breath Weapon
  • Jozagle's Purse turns rogue, firing upon Tzundigo and escaping.
  • Sami Tandersil joins the Tagon's Toughs.
  • Corporal Neeka joins the Tagon's Toughs, although Karl Tagon had initial objections.
  • Jozagle's Purse arrives in Sol System, orbiting Bacchus. They crash (intentionally) and self-destruct. This leaves no trace of their movement afterward.
  • Ennesby retrieves data from Urtheep Industries concerning the stellar artifact, and recommends aborting the contract.

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