The Toughs take a job helping Gavcorps secure an artifact the size of a planet, and learn a thing or two about identity management in the process.


Part I: ReadEdit

Part II: WriteEdit

After the wedding, the Tagon briefs the toughs on the Gavcorps contract - discovering for the first time that Gavcorps have used a "can" to chance themselves to different human forms. However, the contract was initially unstable, with wording implying that the mercenaries shouldn't be carrying weapons. After Tagon claimed to quit, he did a quick sample invasion showing the pressing need to carry weapons, and thus allowed to have armed mercenaries on the research base.

There was an accident in Osiri dig base, where Balt Binion ripped his own head off due to improper use of heavy machinery. He recovered, but showed signs of having changed slightly. After a drill to cut communications, he broke out and killed other gavs within medical. With support from the starship, his damage was at least contained to the medical facility.

At the end of the chapter, Thurl became suspoicios of TAG's activities, and shut down the AI.

Part III: ExecuteEdit

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