Scale comparison of UNS Tunguska and Manhattan

A UNS Battleplate is one of the most feared vessels in the Schlock Mercenary universe. Equipped with massive power plants, a Battleplate is capable of manipulating gravity with unrivaled power and finesse, capable of both crushing a cruiser such as the Touch-and-Go into neutronium, and manipulating individual fingers of a captive. Shaped like a regular geometric figure (triangles, diamonds, and pentagons have all been seen) Battleplates feature enormous annie-plants at their corners. The ships are roughly eight kilometers in diameter and perhaps half a kilometer thick, with 1.1-kilometer annie-plants.

A battleplate is effectively a militarized flying city, complete with buildings inside that are spaceworthy in their own right, onboard farms supplying fresh food, and a large community of civilian contractors. They carry a nominal crew of 120,000, although when entering battle they leave behind their civilian modules, stripping down to a combat crew of 50,000.

In Book 19, the UNS deployed a new battleplate variant, the Carbon class. These are solid polyhedra rather than flat polygons, and are significantly more powerful for their size than the flat classes[1]. All carbon-class battleplates seen so far have been tetrahedral, with four annie-plants at the corners and six massive weapon emplacements along the edges. It is possible that the name "carbon" means that the ships are shaped like hydrocarbon molecules. If so, the tetrahedral model would correspond to methane, and the next step up would be an ethane-class with six annie-plants and either nine or twelve edge batteries.


Battleplates are constructed explicitly for the purpose of protecting planets from impact events; notably they are named for previous such occurrences.[2]. Of course, ships that can destroy asteroids tend to be good at destroying other things too.

Battleplates are often used as headquarters for UNS military agencies, such as Project Laz'R'Us and Sol System Traffic Control, providing both ample base facilities and the option of rolling in with heavy firepower.

Known BattleplatesEdit


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