The Battle for the Wormgate was Tagon's Toughs' first mission using the Post-Dated Check Loan.

In the Nejjat System, a group of militants seized control of the system's wormgate and cut it off from the network, in one stroke holding the entire system's economy hostage and preventing the Nejjat military from gating in reinforcements. They threatened to destroy the gate entirely if their demands were not met.

The Nejjat government hired the Toughs, at the time the only group equipped with the teraport drive. The Toughs materialized next to the gate riding a Thunderhead, which obliterated the terrorists' space fleet in a matter of seconds, then teraported a raider squad into the gate's control center. To prevent the better-armed terrorists from repelling the Toughs and destroying the wormgate, the local Gatekeeper intervened, borrowing Schlock's plasma cannon and using it to cut the control tower loose from the rest of the structure. With the space fleet destroyed, this left the militants unable to threaten the actual gate mechanism. The Gatekeepers won the right to take custody of the surviving terrorists, but the prisoners committed mass suicide rather than face interrogation.

The wreckage of the terrorist fleet was "eaten" by the Post-Dated Check Loan for fabber mass. Petey later revealed that he had retained the crews in cold storage. Tagon interrogated these, but made the mistake of offering them refreshments first, allowing several of them to commit suicide by asking for foods that are poisonous to Nejjat. He eventually gave custody of the rest to Breya Andreyasn as a parting gift.

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