The UNS Athens was a UNS destroyer and Admiral Breya's flagship during the Battle of the Buuthandi. She took it with her when she went into hiding when General Xinchub accused her of treason, and was her ride during the Zoojack arc. Half of the ship was blown away when she approached one of the Zoojacks too closely and its Pa'anuri defenders detonated one of its two annie-plants; it was repaired in the Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance, albeit with a mass of small annie-plants because the Scrapyard couldn't build the full-size one.

Athens the shipmind was a powerful voice in the first Fleetmind, but died when the ship was blasted by the Pa'anuri. Her gestalt was reloaded onto the ship when it was repaired and Athens continued to serve Breya until the Core War, at which point Breya was assigned to the embassy ship Terra Firmator and Athens joined the second Fleetmind.