Alexia Murtaugh

Major Alexia Murtaugh being debriefed after losing the Bristlecone.

Major (retired) Alexia Murtaugh was a former employee of Sanctum Adroit. She led the security team that responded to Professor Pau's panic signal on Haven Five. Her team arrived on board the gunship Bristlecone.

Murtaugh preferred that Lieutnant Bunnigus surrender, but was not above using deadly force to arrest her. She even offered her troops a "no shot" bonus for bringing in suspects without firing a shot. 

After receiving what amounted to a bribe for staying silent on the loss of the Tar droids and the appropriated Bristlecone, Major Murtaugh was dressed down and ultimately fired for not reporting Bristlecone as stolen and embarrassing her employer.

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