Alan Monk was a human mercenary, and a member of Tagon's Toughs. He served with the mercenary company for several years, and participated in their retaking of the Princess Tyola. During his time with the Toughs, he developed a relationship with Michelle "'Chelle" Diego-Garcia.

Sadly, Alan Monk was killed while the Toughs were supposed to be on vacation on Mahuitalotu. While swimming with Diego-Garcia, he was attacked by a genetically engineered megalodon that had been created by a mad scientist. Caught unawares, he was torn apart. Despite an extensive police search, only his arm was found.

When the megalodon was later killed by Lieutenant Commander John Der Trihs, the rest of Monk's remains were recovered. Kevyn Andreyasn speculated that Monk may have survived the initial loss of his arm thanks to his illegal soldier boosts, and that he likely bled to death afterwards. Captain Kaff Tagon tactfully declined to mention that during Monk's funeral.